Types of RAM And How To Choose

We are going to explain what types of RAM exist, talking about their types according to size and their standards such as DDR3 and DDR4, in addition to the future DDR5 that will soon hit the market. The idea is that when you hear about RAM you know exactly what it is and what you can use.

For this, we will start by defining the most basic, and explain what RAM is and what it is for. Then, after talking to you about their types, we will end up telling you how to choose the one that best suits the one you need.

What is RAM and what is it for?

RAM is the main memory of a device, the one where the data of the programs you are currently using is stored temporarily, Random Access Memory in English, and has two characteristics that differentiate it. On the one hand, enormous speed, and on the other, the data is only temporarily stored. This means that when you restart or shut down your computer, the normal thing is that the data that was stored is lost.

Your computer or mobile phone does not execute all the actions using only the hard disk, since if it did it would take too long to execute them. For this reason, a much faster type of memory is used to make these tasks more immediate and is responsible for storing the CPU instructions or the data that applications constantly need. These instructions remain there until the computer is turned off or until they are replaced by new ones.

Best RAM for ryzen 2700x can be used by applications in different ways like for gaming use. For example, if you use a browser, all the data from the websites you visit are usually in RAM so that when you access them they are always there and do not have to be loaded again. So browsers often take up a lot of RAM.

The applications you have open are stored in RAM, so you can use them quickly without having to continually write your hard drive. Therefore, the more RAM memory you have, the more applications you can use at once, which affects the multifunction of your device.

Therefore, the amount of RAM you have directly affects the performance of your device. The more you have the more applications you can manage at once, and hence its importance because if there is not enough the computer can go slow.

What you usually refer to as RAM when you are talking about it as a physical component is cards that are directly connected to the motherboard of your computer. These cards have different integrated memory modules that are connected to each other, and in devices like computers, there are slots to have several of these cards.

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