How to buy a car in UAE?

For all of you who like to have a car, if you went to UAE on the Working Holiday UAE visa , you can easily buy one. In this article we are going to tell you what the costs are , the steps to follow when making the purchase and some interesting information, so that you know everything about riding on two wheels on UAE routes!

Before starting with all the information it is important to clarify that each state of UAE has its own rules, costs and procedures . That is to say, it may be that some steps that we explain to you do not have to be done when buying or selling the car, depending on what state they are in!

Let’s start with a basic and fundamental question:

Should I buy a car from Farago Motors if I go on a Working Holiday to UAE?
working holiday UAE

This is a question that everyone will surely ask themselves once they arrive with their working holiday UAE visa . The first thing they will do will be the procedures explained in First steps for newcomers and they will start looking for work! At those times they will evaluate whether or not it will be convenient for them to buy a car. I would say yes in 90% of the cases.

I would say YES for several reasons : having a car will give them access to more jobs, gasoline / gasoline is cheap and it will allow them to reach places that perhaps without a car they would not reach. Because obviously when they are free, they don’t have to work, the car will give them much more freedom !!!

I would tell them NOT to buy a car or to really consider it , if they plan to stay a long time in a big city like Sydney or Melbourne for example, where it is very difficult to get around by car even more if they work downtown. In this case, they would use the car only on weekends, to make one or another trip, so evaluate that, if they are really going to make trips on weekends to know if it is convenient for them to buy it or not.

Buying a car in UAE
The form and requirements to be able to acquire a car in UAE will depend on the state in which they are located. Here we explain what you need to take into account.

What type of car should I buy for this type of trip?
The type of car to buy will depend on what they want it for, that is, if they are going to use it to get to work or if they want something big so they can sleep in it.

Here is a list of some car models on the market:

Description: this type of car model will be used to use in the city mainly, short trips and with little luggage.

Price: from 1500 (USD 1,069) they can be obtained.

Description: Unlike the first car, this one is slightly larger. It will allow them to carry more people and thus lower the costs of the trip or even depending on the size, they can sleep in it.

Description: this type of car is ideal for couples and those who want to travel and live in it. They can sleep up to 2 people and most have cooking equipment, mini-fridge, television, etc.

Price: according to the model and the condition the price will vary but it starts at AUD 5000 (USD 3,563) .

How much does a car cost in UAE?

Regarding costs, it will depend on the state in which you buy the car and the model. There are states like Sydney that are a little more expensive and in others like Queensland cheaper.

Prices range from AUD 1,500 ($ 1,069) to AUD 5,000 ($ 3,563) for a “relatively new” car in perfect day-to-day condition. These are the prices of “compact” cars, if they want a NPV or something larger it can be around AUD 10,000 (USD 7,126) . Everything will depend on the model, how much they are willing to pay and how much money they have for it!

What should I keep in mind when buying a car?
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They have already decided to buy a car, let’s go now, with the procedures that are necessary once they have their car in UAE:

REGO (registration) of the car
The recording (REGO) can be done for 3, 6 or 12 months . It has a cost of AUD 800 (USD 570) per year but the amount will vary according to the state in which the car is registered. This amount includes auto insurance only against third parties.

It may be that the car they buy has a few months paid because if the previous owner of the car paid an annual REGO and sells it in the sixth month, they will only have to pay the remaining 6 months.

In the event that you buy a car that has been registered in another state and have to re-register it in the new state, it is necessary that they take into account that:

They will have to pay a high fee to transfer the REGO to the new state .
In most cases, it is necessary to take a general exam called Road Worhty explained in the next point.
The road worhty is a certificate in which it confirms that the car is in perfect condition to be circulating. This revision can be carried out at any authorized workshop and has a cost of AUD 70 (USD 50) approx, which must be borne by the seller of the vehicle. It would be like doing the ITV in Argentina.

Beyond that when paying the REGO they have insurance against third parties, it is always recommended that they take out a more complete one for any circumstance that may happen to them. There are several insurance companies across UAE and the annual prices are around AUD 1200 ($ 855) (against all risks) or around AUD 500 ($ 356) against third parties .
What other things do I have to keep in mind? There are many people who recommend taking the car to a mechanic before buying it and if they buy it from a private person, contact the police to verify that they do not have any legal problem.

Can I buy / sell a car in a different condition than mine?
Yes, you can buy or sell a car that is in a different condition than yours, but you will have a few issues to consider. For example, if they bought a car in Victoria and sold it in Queensland they will have to send the license to the traffic offices of the state in which they are located for verification. In this they send the patent of the previous state and in the event that they have the REGO paid (for longer than they had the car), they return the money for it. The person who buys your car, requests a new REGO in the new state and that’s it😉

Guys who are already in UAE tell us that the maximum time that a car can have a license from another state is 6 months . In the event that they exceed that time, they may be covered by traffic fines.

How is the transaction done when buying or selling a car?

In most transactions, the purchase is made in cash and the entire purchase process is very simple. It is extremely easy to buy or sell a car!

First, they go to the transportation office of the place where they are living with:

1 – Purchase document: refers to the former owner’s papers stating that they bought the car.

2 – ROAD WORHTY Certificate.

3 – Certificate of residence: by this we mean a document that indicates the address where they currently live. For example: a tax in your name, a bill from the hostel, etc.

4 – Passport: they must present it to carry out the procedure.

5 – Credit card: the cost of the procedure is AUD 35 (USD 25) approx plus 3% of the transfer of the car. Traveling tip: there are guys who ask the seller to put a slightly lower price on the paper where the final price of the car appears to pay less.

Remember depending on the state in which you are, these points may or may not vary. For example, in Dubai and UAE.

Where can I buy cheap cars?

There are several ways to buy this type of used car, and from the late 90s, which are what most travelers buy:

Most travelers usually make print ads with the price of the car, kilometers, model, a photo and the price, in addition to their phone number and email, so that they can be contacted. These ads are posted in hostels, supermarkets, etc.

You can also create an account at Gumtree Cars: and post it there. And last but not least, you can post it on our UAE Facebook Group !

Do I need a special driver’s license?

I hope this article has helped you to analyze whether or not it will be feasible for you to buy a car to go on a trip to UAE. Keep in mind that having a car means paying taxes, license, insurance and some extra expenses, but if you are going to use it, it is something worth spending!

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