How to choose your PC Gamer?

Buying a computer is not always easy, especially if you are neither a geek nor a hacker. Each PC has its preferred use, and different needs imply different characteristics. Here are some tips to help you make your choice without the risk of making a mistake to buy Best Laptop for Game Development. We discuss here the case of computers dedicated to Gaming.

* a graphics chipset is a chip integrated into the motherboard and which offers all the basic display functions. For advanced graphics functions (game, editing) a dedicated card is required.

Portable or fixed?

First choice to make: laptop or desktop computer? Each has its advantages and disadvantages:


The laptop is a guarantee of freedom. You can travel with Lan parties with friends, or just take it on the go. Gaming laptops aren’t always the lightest, but there are models that are light enough for mobile use.

PC-Asus-G11CD-K-FR163T-GamingThe desktop computer is more scalable. You can advance your configuration by changing the graphics card or the processor. The need for renewal is therefore slower. In addition, desktop PCs are generally wired, which leads to a more stable connection than the wifi of portable computers.

How to choose your PC Gamer?

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PC Gamer: the essential criteria

Video games are a resource-hungry activity. This is why PC gaming systems have more solid than average configurations.

Intel processor

As much as possible, you should favor a computer with a powerful processor, in the Core i5 or i7 or even i9 range at Intel and in the Ryzen range (5 or 7) at AMD. Within the same series, choose the processor at the highest frequency. Note that Intel offers ARK, a very interesting free tool that allows you to know the exact characteristics of its processor according to its name.

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Graphics-card-inno3d-gtx1060-twin-x2-3-go-gddr5-ref_CV244_2A dedicated graphics card is essential, ideally of the latest generation at Nvidia ( RTX 2060, 2070, 2080  and variations or the most affordable GTX 1660 Ti). In both cases, between two cards of the same type (two 2070 for example), choose the one with the largest amount of dedicated memory.

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The RAM, also known as RAM, is an essential criterion. It acts as a “waiting room” for your processor to process information from your storage drive. A comfortable and fast memory will therefore ensure greater fluidity in the game.

Hard disk the storage. Whenever possible, choose a computer with an SSD drive. Faster, SSD drives speed up the execution of your operating system as well as that of your software, including games. Many gaming configurations combine an SSD and a conventional hard drive, in order to benefit from the advantages of two types of storage medium. If the SSD is not on the PC program you are interested in, a hard drive running at 7200 rpm will be highly recommended.

MSI Z170I Gaming Pro AC Motherboard

The motherboard is often the big forgotten fact sheet from manufacturers. However, it is a vital element, and choosing it carefully will not only make the most of the current components but also be able to evolve in the future by replacing them. A good motherboard must be robust, rich in connectors as in locations and turned towards the future. To help you make your choice, find our motherboards buying guide.

Monitor 27

To play, you need a screen. You can perfectly connect your computer to your TV, but for more usability and for better rendering on the most demanding games, the monitor remains the king. On a laptop, a size of 15.6 inches seems the minimum to play comfortably, 17.3 inches being the top. To choose well, find our guide to buying gamer screens.

Note a strong trend of the moment, the dual screen laptops, very popular for gaming. For a desktop computer, a 24 inch screen seems a good starting point but the immersion will be total from 27 inches. As for the resolution, full HD will already satisfy most users. Some screens have built-in speakers, but investing in a dedicated multimedia package will guarantee sound that matches the image.

Other elements not to be overlooked, peripherals. The backlit keyboard is a bare minimum on a Gaming laptop, if only for playing in the dark. And the choice should not be made lightly. Do you think that all keyboards are more or less the same and that they are of secondary importance? Think again, a good choice of keyboard can prove to be decisive and make the difference, especially for online gaming.

Membrane keyboard, mechanical keyboard, chicklet keyboard, anti-ghosting keyboard, backlit or not, wired or wireless, etc., many criteria are to be taken into account depending on your playing style or gamer profile. If you feel lost in all these technical subtleties, do not panic, we offer you a complete guide to choosing the right keyboard.

RGB keyboard

Desktop gaming computers are often supplied with gaming peripherals, usually a keyboard and mouse set. A complete connection is also recommended, provide at least 4 available USB ports (USB key or external hard drive, keyboard, mouse, possibly a headset compatible with USB audio, etc.).


There are two main categories of brands in the PC Gamer. In the first category, we can classify the “pure players” brands whose gaming constitutes the essential or sometimes the whole activity. We find in this category many brands of accessories, peripherals or components like Gigabyte, Razer, Crucial , Zotac, EVGA, etc.

 3 razer vespula mouse pads

Most of the major “generalist” brands in the PC world have also developed a range dedicated to gaming, often with success. They market computers offering more muscular and optimized configurations at all levels (case format, cooling, design, scalability, etc.) to best meet the requirements of gamers. We think in particular of the Omen range at HP, the famous ROG (Republic Of Gamers) range at Asus, Legion at Lenovo, the Predator and Nitro ranges at Acer and of course Alienware, a division dedicated to gaming at Dell.


Some brands are at the crossroads of these two categories. We are thinking in particular of  MSI whose activity covers both components (graphics cards, motherboards, etc.), peripherals (monitors in particular) and computers, both portable and desktop.



– Are you an occasional player, even a very casual one? You might as well orient yourself towards a versatile computer, which will suit all other uses and will be able to respond when the urge to play will tickle you. Component side, you can go on a Ryzen 5 processor at AMD or Core i5 at Intel, associated with a SSD type Crucial MX500 of 256 GB , 8 GB of RAM and a graphics card type AMD RX 570 or NVidia GTX1050 Ti . For more storage space, you can add a 1 TB hard drive.

– You play relatively often and you are looking for good value for money to play in Full HD with the details to the max? One can imagine a solid but not ruinous configuration based on Intel Core i7 9700 K processor or a Ryzen 7 3700 X, backed by two 8 GB memory sticks. For storage, why not upgrade to a 500 GB SSD from Samsung or Crucial to which you will add a 2 TB hard drive? The graphics card can be chosen from the AMD range (we think of the RX5700XT, a very good value for money) or from NVidia ( RTX2060 Super ).

– Are you an uncompromising gamer and want the best to play in 4K? You can squint from the RTX range at NVidia (2080 or 2080Ti). To motorize all this you need solid, you can count on an Intel Core i9 9900K , 16 or even 32 GB of RAM, a 1 TB Samsung SSD (Evo Plus range) and two 2 TB hard drives running at 7200 rpm minute.